Buy Microsoft Office Online

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Jan 272016
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There was a time when you had to visit your local computer store to purchase Microsoft Office or any software package come to that. I came with its own box, CD ROM and install instructions that you had to keep safe in case you needed to re-install the software.

Thank god that’s over with and now we can simply purchase MS office online and download it straight to the device not only does this save leaving the armchair it also means its super easy to re-install if we need to.

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Buying Your Copy of MS Office

There are hundreds of places to obtain Microsoft Office from on the internet and depending where you get yours from will determin the experience you have as a user. Obviously if you like emptying out your bank account you can purchase from a hight street retailers online store or Microsofts shop but if you like to save money and be smart you won’t go down this road.

One thing I would avoid is going to torrent sites to grab your self a free copy either by the way of a product key or key gen. Not only do you run the risk of downloading viruses and malware but should you manage to safely download the product key there is no guarentee it will work.

In many cases you will be using your MS office and it will be come non genuine so you either have to buy it anyway or download another product key and encounter the same problems.

The best course of action to buy microsoft office online is to search for a smaller online store where you can grab yourself a good bargain. Many online stores don’t have a brick and morta operation so can keep their costs down low enough to pass on savings to their customers.

Once downloaded its pretty simple to install.

There are more and more choices now to buy our software online so spend a few extra minutes and you will find some great deals online.

Why Businesses Need SEO

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Jan 192016
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If we go back 30-40 years no one had heard of local seo, marketing and promoting a business was all off-line and in all honesty wasn’t as complicated. Okay you had to compile a compelling advert in newspapers, advertising boards or whatever medium was being used and these words had to capture your targets interest in your product or service.
If your budget was big enough there was also radio or television but there was one big diference back then which was your audience could not engage with you like they can today.

Since the internet has become as common as breathing air there are things that are absolutely essential for a business in todays world, which is a presence on the web i.e. a website. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling bird seed or stock advice without putting yourself in front of the internet community your business is going nowhere.

Local SEO


local seo

Many businesses especially local traders are still are not found on line despite having a website. This is mainly due to poor or non existent SEO or search engine optimisation. Having a website does not mean you will be automatically found online. There are certain steps you should be taking to ensure your website starts to rank.

Having good local seo on a website is a must, we consulted with a UK based SEO company Glow Serp Consulting
The first steops are to research your customes keywords, the words your potential customers are typing into Google to locate the products or services you provide. After this you should make sure these keywords are incorporated into your web pages in a natural way (do not repeat keywords in a unnatural fashion).

Include H1 and H2 headers as well as images using keywords in the alt tags and to really assist with your seo embed a video from YouTube within your industry. Use LSI keywords, these are words that are different from your exact keyword but mean the same thing.


The thing to remember is what your potential customers search for when looking for your product or service, take a look at the top 5 ranking websites of your competitors to see what type of content on their websites to give you an idea of content but never copy text.

The final thing to remember is to get local citations from 20-30 directorys such as Yelp or Yellow Pages this will help Google recognise your location and help you appear in the snack pack (address listings at the top of a search)

SEO is a lot more involved that what is covered here but hopefully this will give you enough to get started and make some improvements to your site.